MOVIES: The White Tiger, The 2nd, Marauders

Movie 1: The White Tiger

This film is intriguing and bewildering. It spans a 10 year period leaving a lot to the viewer to sort out mountains of details. There are copious dark issues that the viewer must process.

That said, overall the message is timely with large contrasts between the world of the past and the new world the characters struggle to adapt to. It’s well worth the 125 minute run time. English and Hindi with English subtitles.


Movie 2: The 2nd

This film is baffling. The genre is listed as Mystery, Action Thriller. It wants to be sophisticated but it simply does not deliver. Forget any connection to the “second amendment” chatter in our current events! Poor casting, weak script and poor audience response. Skip this one.


Movie 3: Marauders

Just what everyone needs right about now is a good conspiracy theory film. You have to chuckle when a film is described as having just come out of a box…”just add water!” We are not sure what that means but it runs a long 1 hour, 47 minutes.



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