MOVIES: A Love Song for Latasha, Crip Camp, Moffie

Special Note:  This year’s annual Oscar Season started a while ago.  Most theaters have been closed for the duration of the pandemic.  Many are now opening to limited days and audiences.  We have been lucky enough to catch several films in the last few weeks and we will continue to ‘catch up’ as film distribution increases.

Movie 1: A Love Song for Latasha

This is an amazing Oscar nominated Documentary/Short Subject film with just a 19 minute run time. It’s the story of 15 year old Latasha Harlins from south central Los Angeles. It’s also the story about bravery, righteousness and perseverance. It is a powerful and timely message to all!


Movie 2: Crip Camp

This film is a commentary on youth disabilities of the ’60s,’70s and right up to current events. It is currently available on Netflix. This Oscar nominated Documentary Feature is rated R for language and some sexual references. It is noteworthy Barack Obama and Michelle Obama served as Executive Producers. Run time is just under 2 hours.


Movie 3: Moffie

This drama is set in 1981 South Africa. It deals with the war with Angola, racism and homophobia. It’s difficult to watch. The subject matters are numerous and can be challenging to digest! That said, it’s often brutal yet relevant filmmaking. Afrikaans and limited English, with English subtitles.



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