MOVIES: Writing With Fire, Spider-Man: No Way Home, Hive

Movie 1: Writing With Fire

This documentary is the story of India’s only women run newspaper. Led by Chief Reporter Meera, co-reporters collect and write documentaries about day to day life issues and the challenges local women must overcome. It’s an eye opening film. It should be an Oscar contender. Hindi with English subtitles.


Movie 2: Spider-Man: No Way Home

This is another Marvel Comics Superhero film with more than a hefty amount of violence, action and adventure. It’s listed as an Fantasy. Parents should be aware there are “brief suggestive comments, some violence”. Currently, only in theaters.


Movie 3: Hive

It’s listed as a Drama/Narrative. Its based on a true story about women in Kosovo (after the break up of the former Yugoslavia). Local women bonded together to launch a business selling a local food product. It’s insightful history. A bit tough to watch. Albanian with English subtitles.



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