Movies: The Guilty, Red Rocket, The Matrix Resurrection

Movie 1: The Guilty

This R rated film is listed as a mystery, thriller, crime, drama. The acting is pretty good. Jake Gyllenhaal, a 911 operator, and Ethan Hawke deliver believable characters. It’s currently available on Netflix.


Movie 2: Red Rocket

This film is listed as a Comedy/Drama. It’s rated R for graphic nudity, drug use and sexual content. It’s about an aging LA porn star who goes home to Oklahoma to his aging porn star wife! Critics loved this film. We don’t think it’s worth the two hour run time.


Movie 3: The Matrix Resurrections

Clearly the best film of the week! Don’t be distracted by the language and violence. It will all make sense in time and place. Lots of surprises from Neo (Keanu Reeves). We do not recommend this film for younger children. It appears to be intended as the ending of the Matrix franchise…we’ll see…!



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