Movies: The 355, Parallel Mothers, Munich the Edge of War

Movie 1: The 355

Wow! Looking for a great movie to watch?! Check out this Action Thriller with a dose of Mystery. It’s got a great cast of women actors and an intriguing plot. Know the production includes strong violence and strong language. There’s plenty of intrigue and surprise, including all the right ingredients a fierce female spy thriller should have.


Movie 2: Parallel Mothers

This film by Pedro Almodovar is a unique drama featuring two strong female characters played by Penelope Cruz and Rossy de Palma who both deliver impressive performances. It’s an interesting screenplay with two concurrent themes and plots. Spanish with English titles.


Movie 3: Munich the Edge of War

Here is a fascinating film. It’s a Historical Drama set in 1938 when Hitler is about to attack Czechoslovakia. It’s not a perfectly accurate picture of WWII events but it is a pretty riveting rendition of what real events may have been like. Jeremy Irons is excellent as Neville Chamberlain. Currently in theatres and Netflix.



2 thoughts on “Movies: The 355, Parallel Mothers, Munich the Edge of War”

  1. You guys perpetually keep us excited about film even though we haven’t been to the theater in 2 years. Particularly love hearing about the historical stuff. Traveling soon with OAT. Many thanks! Be well, Terri & Tony

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