Movies: The Adam Project, The Lost City, The Contractor

Movies 1:  The Adam Project

This time travel film spans several genres under its PG-13 rating. Action, Adventure, Comedy and Sci-Fi. Parents should be cautioned regarding language, violence, some action and suggestive references. That said it’s still a pretty good film. Ryan Reynolds is always fun. Run time is just under two hours. On Netflix and in movie theaters.


Movie 2: The Lost City

Given the real world news these days, this comedic/action film offers a bit of relief. Parents should be aware there are some bloody images/ nudity / and suggestive material. That said, it’s also often funny and entertaining.


Movie 3: The Contractor

This film is rated R for violence and language. We do not recommend this film for children. That said, there is excellent acting and just the right balance of action, mystery and intrigue.



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