Movies: Operation Mincemeat, The Northman, Memory

Movie 1: Operation Mincemeat

This WWII drama, based on a true story of the Allied invasion of Sicily, has managed to balance human nature, suspense and raw action! It’s set in 1943 during the peak of the war. It’s available in movie theatres and on Netflix. Parents should be aware of war images/violence, some sexual content and strong language if children are attending. This film is very entertaining.


Movie 2: The Northman

Here is an R rated Action/Mystery/Thriller that is filled with adventure/violence and some nudity. It’s set in Iceland during the Viking period. Alexander Skarsgard delivers a powerful, vengeful depiction as he seeks to kill his fathers murderer.


Movie 3: Memory

Here is an Action/Thriller that is rated R for violence, bloody images, and language. Liam Neeson delivers a wickedly good performance as a hit man in the early stages of dementia in this film noir. The film is based on the 1985 novel. It’s dark, cynical and “slightly amoral”!



2 thoughts on “Movies: Operation Mincemeat, The Northman, Memory”

  1. I enjoyed Operation Mincemeat, too, but I think a different title would help it. I know that is what the actual true operation was named but doesn’t it sound like a Don Knott’s movie from the 1960’s?

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