EO, Greenland, Avatar: The Way of Water

Movie 1: EO

This is a story about a gray donkey with very sad eyes who wanders around Poland and Northern Italy. We aren’t exactly sure why he is wondering but he does meet some good and very bad people along the way. We really wanted to like this movie. It’s beautifully filmed. But ultimately it is just an artistic mess. Polish, and some Italian, with English subtitles.


Movie 2: Greenland

This is a disaster thriller film that’s done really well by adding social commentary to the plot. Asteroids collide with Earth that cause an extinction event. Gerard Butler generally gives good performances while making pretty good movies. We watched this 2020 film on TNT on Demand.


Movie 3: Avatar: The Way of Water

As with the first Avatar more than 13 years ago, this film is spectacular. The visual effects and cinematography, especially the underwater scenes, are totally off the charts. Just amazing. The story line pretty much picks up where the first movie ended. The three hour and twelve minute run time almost flies by. There are several Academy Awards in its future.


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  1. Thanks for the reviews. I’ll be traveling to the central coast and will probably go to the movies. Once there I’ll see what’s playing and get your feedback.

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