Living, Corsage, Bones and All

Movie 1: Living

Living is a wonderful British drama set in 1953 London as the city struggles to rebuild from WWII. Bill Nighy plays an aging civil servant, leading a mundane and lonely life until a medical condition forces him to start living. The screenplay is adapted from the 1952 Akira Kurosawa classic Ikiru. This is a marvelous vehicle for Bill Nighy’s considerable talents. He is finally getting his just accolades with an Oscar nomination all but assured. Limited release in theatres.


Movie 2: Corsage

Based on the true story of Empress Elisabeth of Austria who rebelled against her life of strict rules and meaningless ceremonies. Beautifully filmed with sets, costumes and scenery, we nonetheless found the movie slow and at times confusing. Vicky Krieps as the Empress gives a stunning performance. German, Hungarian and English with English subtitles. Currently in theatres but oddly enough was showing on our Lufthansa flight home from Munich this week.


Movie 3: Bones and All

We knew nothing about this movie before we saw it in Paris last week, other than it played at home for a couple months. We were more than a little surprised to realize it is basically a cannibal love story/road trip across America. While there are definitely disturbing scenes and content, there is an oddly enduring quality between the main characters. Part of the appeal to see the movie is the outstanding cast. Oscar nominees and/or winners all. A truly unique vehicle to showcase the talent of Mark Rylance. But a movie not for everyone. Will be on several streaming services later this winter.


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