The Boogeyman, Past Lives, Persian Lessons

Movie 1: The Boogeyman

Based on a 1973 short story by Stephen King, this is a horror movie about the mythical character all kids grow up with. It has some intelligent moments but is not very scary and not particularly well done.


Movie 2: Past Lives

This is a wonderfully scripted and acted movie about two young friends in Seoul, South Korea who find each other 20 years later. One married and living in New York City, the other single and still living in Seoul. There are many layers to this intimate, slow moving and complex love story. In English and Korean with English subtitles.


Movie 3: Persian Lessons

Based on true events, a young Jewish man in a concentration camp persuades the Nazi’s that he is Persian and not Jewish. One of the camp commanders wants to learn Farsi and demands that he teach him. This is a powerfully told story about the human spirit and its will to survive. In German and French with English subtitles.


2 thoughts on “The Boogeyman, Past Lives, Persian Lessons”

  1. Really want to see Past Lives. Lots of Oscar chatter. Gotta say, that doesn’t really mean anything but this story sounds interesting.

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