The Boys in the Boat, The Color Purple, All of Us Strangers

Movie 1: The Boys in the Boat

This is an underdog sports drama based on real events. Set in the mid 1930’s a gritty and determined rowing team from the University of Washington in Seattle not only takes on other universities but ultimately Hitler and the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Beautifully filmed, told, directed and acted.


Movie 2: The Color Purple

This is a wonderfully vibrant remake of the 1985 original drama turned into a musical. The cinematography, costumes, sets and acting are excellent. This movie made $18 million dollars on opening day, the second-biggest Christmas Day opening of all time. What helped make the movie special for us was the audience. About 100 people, 80% of whom were elderly black women who clapped, applauded and sang at all the right times. Great fun at the movies.


Movie 3: All of Us Strangers

There is a surreal quality to this British romantic drama. The story unfolds slowly while being sensually fragile. A young man confronts the death of his parents just as he meets another lonely man. The acting is superb, and this movie deserves the Golden Globe nominations it has received, with Oscar nods surely to follow.


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