The Gentlemen, Immaculate, The Catcher Was A Spy

Movie 1: The Gentlemen

This is an action comedy/drama about British aristocratic families and a huge marijuana empire they struggle to keep. This 8 part Netflix series is a spinoff of the Guy Ritchie 2019 movie of the same name. Each episode is about 50 minutes and the entire series is good fun.


Movie 2: Immaculate

A young, devout women joins a large Italian convent and is stunned to find out she is pregnant. For the first hour or so this horror film is intelligent, interesting, well scripted and well acted. But the last half hour or so it defaults to typical horror schlock. It’s almost as if someone didn’t know how to end the movie. English and Italian with English subtitles.


Movie 3: The Catcher Was A Spy

This WWII drama is based on a true story. A Jewish Boston Red Sox baseball player is recruited to go to Germany to kill the scientist creating a German nuclear bomb. This very good movie was originally released in 2018, and we had never seen it. Paul Rudd is excellent as baseball player Moe Berg. On Netflix.


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