Inside Out 2, Treasure, Tuesday

Movie 1: Inside Out 2

This is the long anticipated sequel to the 2015 Oscar winning Inside Out. This film discusses emotions in a way children can learn and understand. While it is charming and entertaining, we found it nowhere near as good as the original. Although national critics are generally praising the quality of this movie and an Oscar nomination is sure to follow.


Movie 2: Treasure

What a charming discovery this movie is. Set in 1990 an Auschwitz survivor and his daughter travel to his childhood Polish home and the infamous concentration camp where he and his wife were held. We found this movie very touching. Stephen Fry is perfect as the father. It needs a wider distribution and more publicity. Hopefully you will find this in your area.


Movie 3: Tuesday

Julia Louis-Dreyfus plays the mother of a dying teenage girl. This movie deals with death in a heart wrenching, fairy tale type atmosphere. Death is played by a large, talkative parrot. Performances are excellent. It is helpful to know the role of the parrot before seeing this movie.


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  1. I always look forward to your reviews. You have steered us to some great movies through the years. Keep it up it’s much appreciated

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