A Quiet Place: Day One, Ghostlight, The Exorcism

Movie 1: A Quiet Place: Day One

This third movie in the Quiet Place franchise is very entertaining and does not disappoint. Filmed as a prequel to the first two movies, the invasion takes place in NYC. With apocalyptic scenes and scary cinematography, Lupita Nyong’o gives a commanding performance.


Movie 2: Ghostlight

We did not see this movie coming at all. In fact, we went into the theatre thinking we were seeing a different movie. What a wonderful find. A construction worker somehow finds himself in the cast of Romeo and Juliet, and simultaneously helps himself and his family adjust to the death of his son. This is a deeply moving film about trauma, grief and healing. This movie has no big name stars or Hollywood budget, but should not be missed.


Movie 3: The Exorcism

Another supernatural horror film with the usual exorcism schlock totally falls apart as a movie. The only question is how did such talented and A list actors get involved in this mess??


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