It’s the 500th Post!

Congratulations and our thanks to Jim and John for 500 great posts on movies, world travel, food and fun.

Jim and John taking a moment of rest.

Hi there! This is the very first guest-post on this site. I’m the Admin of and I have followed along on this fun journey for nearly five years. I represent all of Jim and John’s readers when I say that we really appreciate this fine website and all of John and Jim’s hard work. (I should also mention that they don’t know that I am posting this.)

Jim and John’s most recent post was their 500th post.

They have reviewed nearly a thousand movies for us. They brought many great films to our attention and saved us ten buck on many others, if you know what I mean.

Through their great photography, they have taken us along with them as they’ve traveled the world. Dozens of foreign countries – and Wisconsin!

They’ve shown us the highlights of some of the world’s best museums and historical sites, enriching our knowledge of art and history.

They have shared great meals with us, in the widest variety of locations and culinary styles.

They’ve shared their lives with us on this site and have become cherished friends to us all.

For all of this, we thank them both for their dedication and their focus on bringing us meaningful, interesting, entertaining information a couple of times each week. We look forward to each and every post.

I hope that all of you following this blog will take a moment right now and post your own thoughts in the comments section below.