Movies: The Lost Husband, Extraction, The King

Movie 1:  The Lost Husband

This film was just released on Comcast pay per view.  It’s a predictable story about a young lady who moves in with her Aunt who is a goat farmer in a rural farming community. 

It’s charming, simple, predictable but a pleasant way to spend a couple hours and forget about the current reality outside. 


Movie 2:  Extraction

This film was just released this week by Netflix.  It’s set mostly in Bangladesh.  It’s a nonstop intense thriller about the kidnapped son of a weapons and drug dealer.  The two hour run time flew by.  Chris Hemsworth gives a brilliant performance.  English and some Hindi with subtitles.


Movie 3:  The King

Also by Netflix, this film is a nonstop journey through the early 15th century in England and France.  It’s concurrently brutal, extremely well acted and in general, historically accurate.  Arguably the best film of the week!




4 thoughts on “Movies: The Lost Husband, Extraction, The King”

  1. So appreciate you adding if there are subtitles in a movie! Would love to know what you recommend on TV/Netflix/etc. Some of these oldies are still goodies. We are in season 4 of ER and just started watching the Silicon Valley series – I had no idea I would laugh so much.
    Stay safe!

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