Movies: Triple Frontier, The Way Back, Sea Fever

Movie 1: Triple Frontier

It has just the right mix of tension, interesting characters, and a unique perspective on modern warfare.  A group of mercenaries plan a heist in a remote part of South America.

The acting is quite good.  Pundits say it’s a high quality finance thriller.  It’s a wild ride for the audience.  It’s well worth the watch.


Movie 2:  The Way Back

This film was released just as the Coronavirus stormed into our lives.  Thanks to Netflix, we were able to view this film at home.  It’s an underdog film about a man who was a high school basketball superstar who years later becomes that schools basketball coach.  

That said, it’s also about a man with an alcohol problem, anger issues, suffering from a lifetime of disappointment and shattered expectations.  All in all it’s an excellent production.  We were excited to find the film available from Comcast on Demand!


Movie 3: Sea Fever




One thought on “Movies: Triple Frontier, The Way Back, Sea Fever”

  1. Two potential winners, and one to ignore. Once again, thanks for taking this on.

    I miss going to a matinee about 3-4 times a month. You guys must be going crazy.

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