Movies: The Carrier, Rogue Warfare: The Hunt, Spenser Confidential

Movie 1: The Carrier

We found this film on Comcast On Demand recently and we decided to have a look.  The trailer seemed interesting.  It wasn’t until later we learned it was the second installment in a three part series released in 2015.  We don’t know what happened in Episodes 1 or 3 and we are not interested.  Just a little too close for comfort right now.


Movie 2: Rogue Warfare: The Hunt

Who knew?!  What are the chances of another trilogy.  This one set in Iraq.  The Hunt is episode 2.  We can’t recommend this one either.  The acting is not believable.  The production is better than the acting but the story feels disconnected, borderline at best.  This tells us we are novices in new entertainment venues.



Movie 3: Spenser Confidential

There’s been lots of chatter about this film.  Lovers and haters are about 50/50 to date.  Headliners Mark Wahlberg and Winston Duke have pretty good on screen chemistry.  It’s heavy on Boston crime scenes, surprise action and interpersonal conflict.  That said, it is also unique, often surprising and certainly action packed.  It was a welcomed change for our fourth week of our shelter in place mandate.   




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