Movies: The Other Lamb, The Wave, The Whistleblower

Movie 1:  The Other Lamb

Oh my!!  This is a strange movie set in a bleak remote setting (filmed in Ireland) about a cult of women following the sole male called the Shepard.  The women are divided into two groups:  Wives and Sisters.  The production is filled with tension, mental and physical abuse.  The ending is quite surprising.  Unique to be sure.






Movie 2: The Wave

We first viewed and reviewed this film in 2016.  We loved it then and while getting acquainted with “new to us” TUBI as part of our Comcast package with lots of FREE movies we decided to watch The Wave again. 

It didn’t disappoint.  It’s a Norwegian file with English subtitles.  It’s filled with tension, angst, and drama.  It’s one of those edge of your seat kind of films worthy of your time.






Movie 3:  The Whistleblower

We did not see this film when it was released in 2010.  It’s a powerful look at postwar Bosnia.  Corruption and crime run rampant.  Human trafficking, drugs, money laundering, mental and physical abuse were common.  It’s a huge commentary on greed, sexual exploitation, and corruption.  Russian, Bosnian and English with English subtitles.






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