Movies: Resistance, Tracker, Vivarium

Movie 1: Resistance

Let’s cut to the important issues in this film.  First, it’s based on true events of World War II.  It’s also about the saving of thousands of French Jewish children who fled to safety in Switzerland.  It’s also the story about Marcel Marceau, considered the best mime of all time.

There is so much packed into this film it may take a while for it all to sink in.  It was just released March 27.  With all theaters closed, seek it out on Netflix or Amazon or other streaming services.


Movie 2: Tracker

OK…so the pickings have dwindled down to third rate Action Dramas that didn’t last long in the theaters.  This action thriller is set in Italy where cliche characters and a low budget production result in an unsatisfying movie experience.


Movie 3: Vivarium



4 thoughts on “Movies: Resistance, Tracker, Vivarium”

  1. Waiting until November to see Resistance seems far away right now. Thanks though. I will put it on my list.

  2. Ha ha! Love your review of the Tracker! Definitely a “Don’t see”! But Resistance sounds good! Thanks for being our faithful guide!

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