2016 88th Academy Awards Oscar Picks



Greetings all,

In keeping with tradition, John and I are happy to share our predictions for the 2016 88th Academy Awards Oscars.  We were fortunate enough this last year to see most of the nominated films.  Unfortunately, a couple of the foreign language nominees have not been released yet.  We are delighted to announce we have been able to see 98% of all other nominated films.  What a year, 141 movies in all.

Below is a link to our final predictions.  Click on the link to open a three page ballot with all the nominations and our predictions for the winners noted with a black bullet.

If you want to print the ballot, simply right click anywhere on the document and follow the “Print” prompt.

We know many of you will attend some type of Oscar function and we are always eager to hear what the results are, good or not so good.  Be sure to leave us a comment from your point of view.

2016 Oscar Picks

John and I start to collect information from a variety of sources usually at the beginning of the award season.  We cross check several sources including many critics and industry resources.  At the end of the day, we factor in our own opinions and that is how we come up with our final picks.

We will be traveling this year during the Oscars, but we will be with you in spirit.

J & J

3 thoughts on “2016 88th Academy Awards Oscar Picks”

  1. Wow, Mad Max and the Revenant are heavies among your picks. I haven’t seen either of them yet. Looking forward to seeing who piles up the most statutes! Thanks for your blog! A delight to read

  2. Good luck with your picks! You two are amazing. Don’t know how you can travel so much and see so many movies! Keep living every day to the fullest!

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