London has Fallen, Zootopia, 10 Cloverfield Lane

London Has Fallen

london fallen

This sequel to the Olympus Has Fallen series, and along with the most recent 2013, White House Down, follows the same plot line almost exactly.  The London plot includes the unexpected death of the UK leader and the gathering of world leaders to show their respects.  Terrorist have spent years planning and finally executing (quite literally) most leaders on sight transforming London into a virtual war zone.

I will share with you the critics almost unilaterally trashed this film.  I thought that a bit harsh, especially since we watched White House Down the same evening on TV as a comparison.  Neither films will win any awards but the series continues to attract an audience which is probably why they keep making them.

The actions scenes are pretty good if uninspiring.  The acting was on a par with other like films.  It might be worth pay per view or a plane movie if you need to kill a couple of hours.

Rating: 2 globes



This animated feature film was clearly released in early Spring to capture any energy it creates just before the Easter Season.  It is rated PG for the “gentle rude humor and occasional scariness”.   Our theater was packed with tiny tots and grown ups all atwitter with excitement.

The story is about a country girl rabbit with dreams of becoming the first rabbit on the Zootopia police force.  After repeated attempts, she succeeds with fanfare but is confronted with the reality of biases in this all animal society.  She is assigned to her post as a meter maid.  She manages to maneuver her way into investigating a missing person, Mr. Otter and the real plot begins.

The storyline is cleverly layered with parallels to the real life world without too many filters.  This is the genius of the storytelling and will likely result in big box office dividends and critical kudos.  I couldn’t agree more.

Rating: 4 globes

10 Cloverfield Lane


This suspenseful and tremendously tension filled thriller is spooky good.  John Goodman as the builder and owner of an impressive doomsday bunker, perfectly plays the survivalist leader after some type of invasion occurs on the surface above.  There are two other ‘”survivors” in the bunker seemingly from odd circumstances but clearly under the unquestioned authority of the Goodman character.

Lots of little twists and turns each with a mounting amount of angst and dismay.  The story is deliberately confusing and misleading in a Hitchcock way.  The counterbalance is the bunker has all the trappings of normal life, electricity, water, showers, all sorts of entertainment, juke box, movies, games, books, food, kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, power supply, filtration systems.

Things incrementally get more and more tense as the Goodman character becomes increasing paranoid and suspicious of the motives of his two bunker guests.  It all ends with a flurry of crazy events that may terrify and haunt.

Rating: 3 globes

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