Movies: Cafe Society, Star Trek, Absolutely Fabulous

Cafe Society


This Woody Allen film is all about the ins and outs of the 1930s Hollywood movie industry.  It is mostly focused on the happenings of the successful agent (Steve Carell) and uncle to want-to-be-successful (Jesse Eisenberg) nephew from the Bronx.

First, it is beautifully filmed and generally well acted.  It was intriguing to watch as it hops from character to over indulgence, one after another.  It’s not perfect.  Jesse Eisenberg’s initial dialog is a rapid fire scrabble of words.  The script, no doubt, a cathartic effort by Woody Allen.  That said, there is a great cast of characters in interesting roles.

That said, it is not boring.  It is a wild romp from Hollywood to New York City with a little bit of glam, romance, and a glimpse or two of the underbelly of the time.  We are not generally Woody Allen fans, but this film is worthy of a look.

Rating: 2 globes

Star Trek


It is hard to believe this is the 13th movie in the franchise!  It is intelligent, highly entertaining, respectful to its legacy, and fresh in its storytelling.

It is set far enough in the future to play with new film making technology and dazzle audiences visually.  The new plot and characters are consistent with the franchise creator Gene Roddenberry originally created depicting a unified “federation of planets” challenged by some really evil life forms.

It was a fun movie to watch.  See it on a big screen.  Skip the 3D, it is not worth the extra cost.  (For some of us wearing glasses, the 3D glasses are actually more annoying than enhancing.)

Rating: 3 globes

Absolutely Fabulous


Based on the hugely popular BBC America TV sitcom of 1992 to 2012, the movie picks up where the series left off.  Not having watched the series, we were put off by the slap stick humor at first.

Eddy Monsoon, played be the show’s writer, Jennifer Saunders, and sidekick Pasty Stone, played by Jane Horrocks, are inseperable pals.  In the movie, the trademark jokes and constant flow of booze and drugs felt a bit tired.  However, the huge cast of characters giving cameo appearances breathed life into the production and make this movie “absolutely” worth the time.

Be advised, this film will not appeal to everyone.  Yes, it’s absurd.  Yes, it’s a slap at fashion and excessive wealth.  But it became funnier the more outrageous it became.  Think Lucy and Ethel on steroids, add a modern Laugh In with a heavy dose of Vodka and Champagne.

Rating: 3 globes

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  1. Oooh! I am so glad you liked Star Trek. We haven’t seen it yet, but I was looking for where it was shown in 3D. Thanks to you, I can just go down to our hometown theater and watch it. 3D is fun, but we both wear glasses…

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