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What a fascinating film.  It is focused mainly on three women and a baby.  All but the baby are tormented in one way or another.  The poor baby is just there for the ride, sometimes bumpy and tumultuous.

The production is beautifully told and well acted.  Tallulah is played by Ellen Page, arguable in her best roll since Juno.  Allison Janney is the boyfriend’s mother with emotional baggage.  Her performance is brilliant.  Tammy Blanchard plays the baby’s Mom whose marriage with the father is deeply strained.

There are lots of sub plots and just enough angst and tension to hold your attention.  There were some scenes that left the viewer wondering what happened or how did they get to that moment.  Overall though, an excellent film but not perfect.

Rating 4 globes

Jason Bourne


I was a bit disappointed to hear the first reviews of the new Bourne movie were less than favorable.  I’m not sure what they were watching but the first Jason Bourne film in 10 years that we saw was awesome.

The older Matt Damon character looked a bit heavier, weary and weathered, by design I’m guessing.  Who wouldn’t after 10 years living off the grid?  But the character is also older and wiser.

The technology has gotten better making it more challenging to escape scrutiny.  Humm, is there a message there?!  In any event, the action, the energy, the twists and turns are all upgraded and classic Bourne.  It was the box office leader this weekend pulling in over $50 million.  If you are a fan of the franchise, don’t miss this one.

Special Note:  We were in Las Vegas earlier this year with some dear friends and stayed at the Aria Hotel while they were filming this movie.  Certain parts of the hotel were closed to the public but  it was a blast to see the shots in the movie where we saw some of the film sets.  What fun that was!

Rating 4 globes



It was interesting to go see this movie, especially given all the brew ha ha with Pokemon Go of late.  Add to that, we were clearly the oldest ones in the theater that day.  Once again we are reminded we are no longer among most market demographics.

The film is intended to attract teens and 20 somethings for a romp through a real time “game” where the on screen audience is divided into “players” who win money if they succeed and “watchers” who pay to watch.  The lead characters, Vee, played by Emma Roberts and team mate, Dave Franco accept challenge after challenge if only always just barely.  It’s a clever concept that turns dark quickly.

There are lots of twists and turns and the ending is quite powerful but no leaks here.  It’s worth a look on pay per view or a long plane ride.  If your family includes the target audience, it is worth a debriefing just for some insightful learning.

Rating 2 globes

The Kind Words

kind words

This Israeli film is an intriguing peek into a seemingly average Israeli family and the many modern challenges they face together.  (There are also yummy peeks at Jerusalem, Paris and Marseille.)

There is lots of drama and trauma, anguish and conflict but through it all, this family truly loves each other and remain committed to each other.

The story is somewhat complicated, perhaps a bit challenging for some audiences because the thought processes and cultural values are unique.  But these characters are very likable and you feel what they are feeling.  The ending is ambiguous but ultimately satisfying.

Hebrew and French with English subtitles.  Running time: 1 hour 58 minutes.

Rating 3 globes

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  1. Yeah! So happy to hear you liked Jason Bourne! I also was unhappy to read the not so great reviews of the movie. So pooey on them. I go with your review instead! Looking forward to watching it! Thanks!

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