89th Academy Awards, Jim & John’s Picks

This year, for the first time, we watched only some of the Oscars Show live from Jodhpur, India at 5:30 AM.  Some of the show because the power failed several times this morning (not uncommon) and the cable system took several minutes each time to “reboot”.

Overall, we were pleased with our predictions, the snafu over the Best Picture category notwithstanding.

Our final tally was 16 correct (66.6%) and 8 incorrect (33.3%).  Respectable although not our best, or worst.

Later this afternoon we journeyed out of the city for a Camel safari.  Tomorrow we begin our journey home via New Delhi and then Frankfurt, Germany.  We arrive home Wednesday, March 1.

Until then, here’s looking at you, long distance!

Udaipur Palace, India
From a tuk tuk in the Jodhpur market.



3 thoughts on “89th Academy Awards, Jim & John’s Picks”

  1. Hey Jim and John.

    Good job!

    For me the hardest to pick were Best Picture (Caught between La La, Moonlight and Manchester) and Best Actor. Afflack’s perforfance was very nuanced, but Denzel was so powerful

    What a night to remember with the Best Picture snafu at the end, but then again, it was an exciting twist. That episode was so powerful that we’re not seeing the usual day after obsession with the gowns people wore!

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