Movies: The Great Wall, Get Out, Logan

The Great Wall

This was a fascinating film.  Not because it was created and produced by a collection of international companies, but because it was a visual treat, with a great cast of characters and new blockbuster monsters.

By contrast, critics generally poo pooed this movie with terms like “passable”, “clunky” and “overstuffed”.  Maybe the venue swayed us, (a new and modern Mall in Chennai, India) or maybe the 3D, reserved stadium seating and Dolby Sound system overshadowed the movie itself.

Matt Damon and Willem Dafoe were the featured American actors with Jing Tian from Beijing, the prolific Andy Lau from Hong Kong, Pedro Pascal from Chile and Eddie Peng of Taiwanese-Canadian background along with an extensive cast deliver from an impressive series of performances.

It is listed as a Fantasy/Drama that runs 2 hours.  It is rated PG-13 but a fair amount of violence should be noted for little ones.

Note:  Here are a few shots of the movie complex.

Lobby of the 12 screen complex.
Restrooms: Men to the left, Ladies to the right.
Reserved stadium seating, Dolby Surround Sound.

Other interesting observations:  the Indian National Anthem is played before every film to a standing audience, and there was an intermission where most of the audience left the theater for snacks and beverages while everyone else watched numerous advertisements.  Lastly, the restrooms were the most elaborate (and spotless) we have ever seen in a public venue.


Get Out

One day back from India, we decided to dive into a theater for a movie as jet lag therapy.  It sort of worked…  In any case, the draw was the critics harty approval for this movie.

It is a satire of other films in the same genre, but it is also often funny, fearless, brutal, shocking and a bit of a social critique.  Truly a unique film for first time Director Jordan Peele.

It is well made, well acted without taking itself too seriously.  The cast stars Daniel Kaluuya as the boyfriend, Allison Williams as the girlfriend, creepy parents played by Bradley Whitford and Catherine Keener, with even creepier “servants” played by a spooky Betty Gabriel and an erie Marcus Henderson.

Rated R for violence, adult subject matter and some disturbing images.  It is not suitable for young children.  Listed as a Thriller/Horror running 1 hour, 44 minutes.



Finally an “X-Men” movie that takes the gloves off Logan, one of the most popular characters from the X-Men franchise.

It is a refreshing story that deals with the future of mutants.  Hugh Jackman plays dual Logan roles, Patrick Stewart as Professor X, Stephen Merchant, Richard E. Grant and Eric La Salle play super powered bad guys.  And newcomer Dane Keen plays Logan’s daughter, yup, his daughter.

To be sure, it is an action pack romp from beginning to end.  It runs 2 hours, 21 minutes.  It is listed as a Science fiction/Drama.  It is rated R for violence and adult subject matter.  It may not be suitable for youngsters.


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    1. Great question!! We were almost embarrassed when our tickets for both of us was just under $3 USD.

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