Movies: Before I Fall, Land of Mine, A United Kingdom

Before I Fall

This is an unusal and thought provoking story about four young high school girls from the “IN” crowd.  One of them suddenly dies in a car crash only to restart the day all over again and again.  It sounds a bit corny but it quickly becomes thought provoking.

Good acting, directing and screenplay come together to make this work, or at least intriguing enough to keep you interested.  The cast includes a dozen teen girls and four boys, none of whom I am familiar with.

It is listed as a Mystery/Drama with a PG13 rating, although there is a repetitive scene that is not appropriate for children.  Run time is 1 hour, 39 minutes.


Land of Mine

This sleeper of a movie seems to be lost in the Spring crop of releases.  It is a shame because it is based on true events at the end of WWII in Denmark where the German miltary left over 2 million land mines buried on Denmark’s Western beaches.

As the war ended, Denmark captured German POWs, many of them young recruits.  These young soldiers were forced to clear these beaches by hand, one landmine at a time.

It is well acted, well written and sometimes difficult to watch.  But is a story that had to be told.  This was nominated for Best Foreign Film and was Denmark’s formal submission for the Oscars.

It is rated R for violence and adult topics.  It is listed as Drama/History and runs 1 hour 41 minutes.


A United Kingdom

Fox Searchlight Films released this film about the birth of present day Botswana in the 1940s.  It is another true story.  This one about a deeply divided native Royal family, the trappings of British rule as their global empire was fading away and the healing of a soon to be new country.  Oh, did I forget to mention the black King fell in love with a white women who he married much to the distain from both counties.

It has a great cast starting with David Oyelowo as the King and Rosamund Pike as his wife.  The story follows the history pretty close.  Critics and audiences liked this movie a lot.

The rating was a mild PG-13 and is listed as a Drama/Romance running 1 hour, 51 minutes.  If you are in the mood for a feel good movie about real history, do seek this one out.


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