Travel: SF to Wisconsin, Day 4: Casper, WY to Rapid City, South Dakota

Another state, new national parks, and a town from the old West.

A big HELLO to friends and family!  It is day 4 of our journey.  Today we traveled 345 miles.  After leaving Caspar we headed north.  We drove to Devil’s Tower National Monument.  As we drove we discovered the high plains and its oil wells, vast ranches, antelopes and more colorful rock formations.

We drove through the Black Hills National Forest and spent a couple of hours exploring the old town of Deadwood with it’s casinos, shops and restaurants nestled at the foot of the National Forest.

We will spend 2 nights here as a small break and tour a bit more tomorrow. Then back on the road for our last few days of travel.  More tomorrow!

Devil’s Tower soars more than 800 feet above the river and forests below.
Spring is in full bloom in the high plains and mountains.
We spent a wonderful few hours exploring the beautiful Black Hills forests, waterfalls and vertical cliffs.
Bridalveil Falls, The Black Hills
Hundreds of cliffs and towering trees everywhere.


Restored buildings of Deadwood with shops, gambling, hotels and restaurants.

3 thoughts on “Travel: SF to Wisconsin, Day 4: Casper, WY to Rapid City, South Dakota”

  1. With all the traveling I have done, I’ve never explored that part of the country. Your fotos are so beautiful and alluring that with the world situation as it is, I may change my destination bucket list! Enjoy your two day respite. Xoxo

  2. Keep em coming. A 449 mile day is a bit toooo much. Time for a little r/r. Can you believe our Abby in Madrid with her Magical Crutches whooping em all. She is amazing with those things. I could never keep up with her. What a gal! Am still hobbling about in boot and will be for another 7 weeks. Ugh.

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