Travel: SF to Wisconsin Day 5, we are tourists for the day!

What fun we had today!  First, we drove to Mount Rushmore.  What a spectacular National Monument.  The weather was perfect this morning.  Low 70’s and clear.

Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln.
There is a wonderful loop trail for an intimate look at the monument. Also a great restaurant and a huge gift shop.

Next we drove through Custer State Park.  It had beautiful scenery, lovely facilities, well maintained roads and several surprises like scenic drives through unspoiled forests, narrow one lane tunnels through granite mountains and wildlife including buffalo, antelope, prairie dogs, and birds of all sizes.

Antelope are everywhere including near the roadways.
Buffalo are also plentiful in all State and National parks in the area.
Donkeys are common in Custer State Park. Look in the mirror, it’s John taking the shot.
Thousands of these little cuties are everywhere.

Leaving the park we drove the Needles Highway, a narrow windy road through some of the most beautiful and unique terrain we have ever seen.  All and all, a delightful day.

Several of these stone one lane tunnels connect parts of the State Parks, widths are between 9 and 13 feet.


There are thousands of pinnacles throughout the Needles Highway.
With narrow roads, and so much to see, driving was a huge challenge…but well worth it!

Tomorrow, back on the road for 2-1/2 more days!  Stay tuned!!


5 thoughts on “Travel: SF to Wisconsin Day 5, we are tourists for the day!”

  1. Wonderful pictures! Makes us want to travel in our own country again! Thanks for commentary as well!

  2. Gutsin Borglum (sp?) was the carver of those heads. He had an estate in Stamford, Ct, which was divided up after his death. We lived on a road that had probably been part of that estate because it was named: Gutsin Borglum Road.
    Some trivia for your diaries. Xoxox

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