Travel: SF to Wisconsin, Day 7, Sioux Falls, SD to LaCrosse, WI

As Day 7 comes to a close we are in La Crosse, WI.  We are are officially in Wisconsin, albeit tomorrow before we make it to Hartford.  We will be happy to unload and unpack.

Today’s journey seemed slower than usual.  Maybe because Minnesota’s speed limit was the slowest of the last several states.  Perhaps it was because there were very few cities or stops available on Minnesota’s section of I-90.  By lunchtime, we decided to shed the Interstate and take a chance on the only route noted as a scenic byway ending at our destination, La Crosse.

We discovered this wonderful old church and adjacent graveyard in the remote Minnesota SE countryside.
We imagine this was a settlers pioneer cabin in a restored state. It stimulates the imagination of another time and place.
A beautiful estuary near the Mississippi River.


What we discovered was an excellent road, unspoiled with virtually no traffic, MN Highway 16.  It was a pleasant ride.  We arrived in La Crosse with time to explore the town and enjoy some time walking along the Mississippi River.

View of the Mississippi from the hotel’s terrace.


Time for a glass of wine and some rest!

4 thoughts on “Travel: SF to Wisconsin, Day 7, Sioux Falls, SD to LaCrosse, WI”

  1. The church looked beautiful. The graveyard? Anything spEcial with headstones?

    I know it will nice to end up at your final destination. Enjoy your time there. Xoxo

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