Wisconsin Lake House, Settling In

Adjusting to a new living environment is always an incremental process.  The lake house will be our summer residence but it will also be a gathering place for family and friends.

Sunrise this morning.

The first thing of note is the light.  Mornings come early and evenings linger. There is almost always a breeze off the lake that softens the afternoon heat. Another quality of note is pacing.  The environment encourages pause. Watching the birds forage for breakfast or a baby squirrel exploring a big old tree.

John, the official greeter.

The seemingly endless activity on the lake is a focal point as most of the main rooms face the lake.  Kayaks, rowboats, pontoons boats of all sizes.  Water skiing, jet skis, and watercraft of all of shapes and sizes.  And yet there is an overarching sense of calm and beauty.  We are starting to like these qualities very quickly.

Captain Matthew
Matriarch Kay
First Mate Jim
Lake side view of the house.

Today, we will are off to explore the local farmers market.  Later maybe a movie or explore one of the many little towns or hamlets in the area.

8 thoughts on “Wisconsin Lake House, Settling In”

  1. Just gorgeous! Congratulations to you, John & friends.

    I can imagine the fishing is stellar as well. I can see how that sunset can make one pause and appreciate what we have.

    Enjoy your boat trips and explorations. We look forward to visiting!!

    Garrr.. Mateee ” in my fiecre pirate voice”

  2. That sunrise was certainly worth the drive! Beautiful. You guys could easily fall into a life of easy decadence…doing everything fun and nothing else. Xoxo

  3. What a treat! Love your sharing of fun experience living in the beautiful northern Midwest. This may become your permanent summer residence, verdad? Do Mathew and family all live there throughout summer?

  4. So happy you made it safe to your final destination!!!! Give mom a big hug for me. Don’t forget to check out Green Bay and see brother, Father John!!!! Love to you all!!! 🙂

  5. Have been thinking about you two and relieved to see you happily settling in to your new digs. Am sooo envious. The lake is gorgeous and what a comfortable abode. Certainly not roughing it. Hope John tolerates the boating more easily than his camel ride. Enjoy this special time with family. Cheers, Nanci

  6. We are excited for you guys–it sounds good for both body and soul. Also, that you are both–at least for part of the year–closer to the east coast.
    Thanks for your blog and the listing of films.

    All the best,

    David & Eleanor

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