Travel: Sunrise, Sunset and Pike Lake

A big HELLO to everyone!

After only 10 days in Wisconsin, we have learned the June mornings come early and the evenings linger.  They are our favorite times of day.  Morning walks are becoming the norm.

This morning we encountered squirrels, bunny rabbits, a wild turkey, chipmunks and all sorts of birds.  We also explored an old 19th century graveyard, discovered a charming old barn and a lovely little pond.

Pre-dawn colors.
Lucy and friend Maya on a late morning dip in the lake.
Future shopping divas.
Neighbor’s new little cutie , meet Bailey.
A pristine little grave yard dating back over a century.
Bucolic red barn.

And a beautiful ending.

5 thoughts on “Travel: Sunrise, Sunset and Pike Lake”

  1. You appear to be well settled in. Nancy is right..both the sunrise and sunset are spectacular.

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