Travel: Holy Hill: Basilica and National Shrine

Holy Hill: Basilica and National Shrine

Located less than 10 minutes away from the Lake House is a jewel that attracts half a million visitors each year.  The views are expansive.  There is a huge gift shop.  There is also a rustic cafe serving breakfast and lunch/snacks.

Most importantly, there are elevators from the visitors entrance to both the Basilica and the lower level chapels making it easier for little ones and the elderly to enjoy this facility.  If you are in the area, it is a pleasant way to spend a morning or afternoon.

Holy Hill, 1525 Carmel Road, Hubertus, Wisconsin.  (30 miles Northwest of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.)

The grounds and woods in the area are pristine with lots of critters big and small.
The view of the Basilica from the lower parking lot.
A long distance view of Milwaukee from one of the terraces.
A chapel off the main sanctuary dedicated to silence, prayer and healing.
The Basilica Interior.
The stained glass in the Basilica is spectacular. This image is the glass behind the altar.


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  1. How do you two find these wonderful and fascinating places? You’re great and I am getting a fine travel education without leaving home. Keep it up. Am loving it. Cheers, N

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