Door County, Wisconsin

Our family encouraged us to check out Door County during the summer season.  For those of you not familiar with Wisconsin, Door County is a narrow peninsula north of Milwaukee about 150 miles.  It juts into Lake Michigan.

It is a bucolic region of agriculture, lush woods, vast orchards, charming little towns, beaches, marinas and vistas of Lake Michigan.  It was the perfect place to relax, explore the rural surroundings, shop for crafts and related goodies.

The summer weather was a bit cooler in the mornings, slowly rising to balmy afternoons and an occasional thunderstorm at night.

It is well worth the drive if you are in the area.  Here are some of our favorite images.


Pelicans jockey for position in the late afternoon near Sturgeon Bay.
Downtown Sturgeon Bay with shops, eateries, and businesses catering to locals and travelers alike.

After coffee in Carlsville, we traveled north to Egg Harbor.  The public art in most hamlets and villages caught our attention.

Coffee, a meal, shopping for goodies, art or fashion. There is something for everyone.
An overlook at the charming village of Egg Harbor.
One of several pieces of public art in the small park above the marina.
This piece is loaded with images that challenge the imagination.

The western coast of the peninsula is peppered with little hamlets and towns, each with its own character and natural beauty.  Travel slowly for even more discoveries.

The hillside town of Ephraim.
An afternoon outing.


Clever and beautiful gardens are everywhere.

At the northern point of the peninsula, one can catch the car/passenger ferry to Washington Island.  Note: the island is small and the car and passenger tariffs seemed unnecessarily expensive.  We opted to continue our journey southbound on the east side of the peninsula where we discovered quiet local beaches and views.

The ferry to Washington Island runs frequently at the Northport Pier.

We stumbled upon the town of Sister Bay, famous for the goats munching grass on the Swedish Restaurant made famous by Al Johnson.

An inviting path to the beach.
Photographer extraordinaire!

Safe travels to all!  J&J

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  1. Love the pics, especially the goat on the roof at the Swedish restaurant.
    Did you try the lingonberries while visiting this great restaurant?

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