Travel: Wisconsin Automotive Museum, Hartford, WI


Another discovery!  We stumbled on a delightful museum dedicated to custom, luxury Kissel automobiles built in Hartford, Wisconsin from 1906 until the depression in 1931.  35,000 cars were produced, only 150 are known to survive today.  Many of those are on display.

There are other notable automobiles from the region including Nash, Hudson, as well as rare displays of Pontiacs, Studebakers, Chevrolets, Fords, and others.

There is also a huge model train display just off the lobby.  Arguably the largest we have ever seen.

It was a big surprise to view the 250 ton steam locomotive #1003 built in 1913.  Add a racing car exhibit and loads of period memorabilia and you have a grand venue to explore.

Bonus:  It is only 3 miles from our Lake House.

Several Kissel vehicles of all types and restoration.
A nice collection.  Some have exterior “Suicide seats”!  Another one caters to golfers with built in golf club features.
A rare 1906 Cadillac.
A nice selection of Nash cars. Did you know? All front seats reclined fully for “camping”.
Truly an impressive selection of vintage vehicles.
A local racing corner hosts the Southeastern Wisconsin Short Track Hall of Fame.

Here are a few of our other favorites.

1966 Cadillac Sedan de Ville Limousine.
1961 Metropolitan

And just for giggles…

Peripheral products.
Compare this to today’s RVs!
A 1 horsepower go cart. Weee!!

Wisconsin Automotive Museum, 147 North Rural Street, Hartford, WI 53027.




4 thoughts on “Travel: Wisconsin Automotive Museum, Hartford, WI”

  1. Enjoyed hearing about this museum. Speaking of camping in a car, I drove a flamingo pink 1959 Rambler (sister of Nash cars) for over 9 years in the 1980’s. The driver’s manual featured accessories you could buy that covered all the windows for privacy when camping. Those front seats completely reclined, too. A friend told me that he and his family camped in their car of same year and model. When he became a teenager, that car was off limits to him when dating.

  2. OK Guys, you got me with the Kissel. Never have I heard of that car. Sure you’re not elaborating on your finds? Really am enjoying your adventures and pix. Thanks. Send more. Cheers, Nanci

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