Movies: 2018 Oscar Nominated Live Action Short Subject

If you were unable to see these films don’t feel alone.  The good news is these films are drawing growing audiences every year.  The bad news is they are in such limited release, viewers only have between a few days and a few weeks to see these films, depending on the local and regional demographics.

We are not likely to see the Documentary Short Subject releases because of the extremely limited release or the shows here in SF are sold out in advance.  (No worries we will still offer our Oscar prediction by mining the industry chatter!)

Live Action Short Subject

The first three are based on actual events!

De Kalb Elementary (USA)

A disturbed male school shooter and a terrified but calm school administrator interact under the stress of a pending school shooting incident.   The tension is painful to watch.


My Nephew Emmett (USA)

This is the story of the hours before the 1955 murder of a black teenager Emmett Till.  These performances are superb but gut wrenching to watch.


Watu Wote/All of Us (Germany)

Set on the border of Kenya and Somalia where Muslim passengers on a bus shield a Christian traveler from terrorists seeking revenge on any Christians.  The tension is beyond description.


The Silent Child (UK)

A five year old British girl is deaf and frustrated until a young student teaches her sign language.  The family decides signing is too difficult and the youngster is integrated, and isolated, into a public school.  It is touching and beautifully acted.


The Eleven O’Clock (Austrailia)

This comedy brings a standoff between a psychiatrist and a delusional patient.  The question is who is who? The story is quick, thought provoking and sometimes funny.  It was also a bit annoying.


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