Movies: 2018 Oscar Nominated Animated Shorts


2018 Oscar Nominated Animated Shorts

This years entries are decidedly different from the entries in recent years.  Adult sensibilities and a little sophistication are featured in the 2018 selection.

Dear Basketball (USA)

Here is a love letter from Kobe Bryant to the world as the basketball legend plans his retirement.  The outstanding images were penned by Mr Bryant himself.


Garden Party (France)

This most unusual and borderline disturbing imagery is the setting for an amphibian infested villa and the apparent aftermath of some event.  It is NOT for children, but it is inventive and creative.


Lou (USA)

Here a school yard bully gets a lesson from a lost and found box that comes to life.  It is clever, charming and features Pixar quality imagery.


Negative Space (France)

This is one of the most unique shorts in the pack.  A little boy learns how to pack a suitcase from his traveling father.  The stop motion puppet animation is exceptional, as is the final scene.


Revolting Rhymes (UK)

The darkest of the shorts is a snarky perspective on Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, the Big Bad Wolf and others.  It is a brash and dark depiction that is only mildly amusing but the production value is impressive.



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