Travel: Lisbon Pena Palace

The clock tower.

The weather has cooperated over the last couple days.  The showers have evaporated for the most part, except for the occasional squall.  Our last two days have been unexpectedly nice.

Yesterday was the first day of our Portugal/Spain tour with an orientation walk.  The evening was focused on the Bario Alto neighborhood and a tapas dinner.  Our fellow travelers are a good group.

Today we went to Sintra.  This was our second visit to the area but it felt as though we had never been before.  After a nice lunch in Sintra, we drove to the Pena Palace, an expansive hilltop castle built on the ruins of an ancient monastery.  It was built by Don Fernando II.  It is also a World Heritage Site.

The Town Hall of Sintra.
The castle from below.
The entrance gate to the castle.
The guardian of the castle.
The clock tower.
A view from the top.
The altar in the chapel.
View of the kitchen.

3 thoughts on “Travel: Lisbon Pena Palace”

  1. So interesting and colorful! We recall Sintra, which was our home base when we visited Lisbon. The St Lawrence Hotel in Sintra was lovely and great dining.

    Thanks for more excellent photos.

  2. A good group makes even a mediocre trip fun. I’m sure you’ll enjoy Portugal and Spain. Just get the pronounciations correct:. In Portugal, everything is °shhshhh° but in Spain, you must learn to lisp, as if you had no front teeth! Perhaps with your robust and decadent life style, you have already reached that toothless state and will have no problems! Have fun…and eat some good ones for me.
    We are in the midst of a raging Nor’easter here, with severe life and death warnings for the whole east coast, but particularly moving north toward the Boston area… the moment! Downed trees are going to be a major problem as well as power outages. I’m snug in my little house.

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