Travel: Lisbon, Portugal, A Walk in the Alfama District

We arrived mid afternoon yesterday after a two hour flight from Paris Orly airport to Lisbon.  We were pleased to be greeted by mild weather.

After settling in, we decided to explore our immediate neighborhood.    The mix of old and new (or renovated) seems everywhere.  Little shops and restaurants are only a block away from the stores featurering Global Brands.

After a great night’s sleep, we decided a walk was in order.  We decided to explore the hilly Alfama District, one of the oldest parts of the city.

We refreshed ourselves on the subway system and four stops later we were at the waterfront facing a daunting climb/walk/hike up a formidable hill to the Se Cathedral, originally built in 1150 AD.  It was damaged over the centuries by three earthquakes and finally rebuilt after the 1755 earthquake.

Outside the subway station looks like a Delacroix painting.
The facade of the SE Cathedral.
The Rose window and the tapestry are prized possessions of this Cathedral.

Next we continued our walk farther up the hill top of the Castelo fortress and the old neighborhoods nestled against the walls.  It was a rewarding walk that made sure we knew we weren’t in Paris anymore.

Lisbon’s streetcars have been running since electricity was developed.
Something in common with San Francisco, hills and the Bay.
One charming view after another.

The rewards for scaling these hills is view after view.

Happy we made it to the Castelo Walls.
The higher we explore, The narrower the path.
This is one of the rewarding views from the top.
Going down is almost as much effort as going up. (Well not really but it’s rewarding when you have accomplished the goal!)

Total distance 4.7 miles, 22 flights of stairs.

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