Travel: Evora, day 2.

Today we explored Evora more in depth.  We began the day with a City walk including a talk at the local university, and a visit to the local cathedral and the small Franciscan Church of San Francisco, also know as the chapel of bones.

A visit to the local University.
Our guest speakers after their talk.
Street scene in the city center.
The city center midday.
The narrow streets of the city center.
The altar at the Cathedral.
The Chapel of (Human) bones.
Hundreds and hundreds of human bones. Creepy!

We later spent midday at a local Portuguese Cooking school where we prepared lunch for each other, half preparing appetizers and first courses and the others preparing the main course and desert. The wine flowed, so did the laughter, it was a delightful meal.

John prepares baked apples for desert.
Both of us with sharp knives!

4 thoughts on “Travel: Evora, day 2.”

  1. Another great day! I am ready to revisit Portugal, this time with OAT. We traveled by car there about 15 years ago. Your tour looks excellent.

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