Travel: Spain, Merida Morning and Carmona Evening

Departing Evora early yesterday and crossing the Portugal border into Spain we arrived in Merida for lunch and a visit.

Upon arrival we walked the old bridge dating back to Roman days to enter the city.
We were greeted by another first century Roman Temple bigger and grander than the last.

Our goal was a visit to the early 1st Century Roman Theater and Amphitheater.

Ancient pathways and arches lead us to the Roman Theater.
The theater was reconstructed from the ruins excavated from the site.
Two Roman ruins on one sight as observed by two soon to be fossils! 😎
Stone passageways lead to the Roman Forum.
One can only imagine gladiators and similar events on the massive forum site immediately adjacent to the theater.

After a nice lunch to recharge our energy, we hit the road again for our next stop, Carmona, and our hilltop Parador for the next two nights.

The gates to the hilltop town or Carmona.
The entrance to our hotel, Paradores Carmona.
The view from our room.

Our hotel and hilltop village are a short drive outside Seville.  Stay tuned for that next adventure!

In the meantime here are a few of our neighbors.

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