Travel: Toledo Spain, on the road to Madrid

The road to Madrid took us through some of the countryside of Central Spain.  Toledo was a memorable stop.  It is the capital of the State of La Mancha and the National capital before Madrid.

Here are some shots from our visit.

Authentic paella for lunch! Yum!
The legendary windmills of La Mancha still exist.
Only one synagogue remains in Toledo, Spain. Fortunately it is in pristine condition.

The hilltop city of Toledo is also famous for its exceptional Cathedral.

The magnificent altar of the Cathedral.
The Cathedral is also known for its paintings by Goya.
The Cathedral’s massive exterior.

Toledo is breathtakingly beautiful.  Especially when the weather cooperates.  Its hilltop location is picture perfect and well worth a visit.

The town center of central Toledo.
Greetings to all from Toledo, Spain

4 thoughts on “Travel: Toledo Spain, on the road to Madrid”

  1. Spectacular photos! I love the sky in the picture of the town city. It almost looks like a impressionist painting. Great to see you two, as well.

  2. You guys look great and you look like you are enjoying every minute of you trip. We love Toledo. Spain is such a nice country. Take care keep sending the pictures.

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