Travel: Ubeda, Spain

Today was a bit more casual.  A walk around the charming, sleepy village of Ubeda.  A short ride to see the olive groves and a visit and lunch at an olive oil processing facility.

The weather was generally cooperative with an occasional shower here and there.  Overall, considering the heavy rain the last several days, we have been very fortunate.  We have avoided most of the worst downpours.

The plaza and view from our room. The church is a private chapel.
The enclosed courtyard of our hotel.
Our hotel from the plaza, Paradores Ubeda. Our room is the open window, second from the left on the top floor. The view from the tiny balcony includes the entire block.
The town Cathedral is in the same block as our hotel.

Our lunch was hosted by the owner’s of the Oleicola San Francisco, producers of premium olive oils.

Jim teaming up with the owners son to prepare manchego cheese and an olive oil, honey, rosemary dressing for our lunch.
The storage tanks for the latest pressing of olive oil from Oleicola San Francisco.
Overlooking the Oleicola olive groves.

Tomorrow, Madrid!

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