Travel: Córdoba, Spain

The morning light greets us as we depart from Ronda.

It was a long travel day today.  We said goodbye to our hilltop town of  Ronda early in the day and made our way to Córdoba and it’s UNESCO Mosque-Cathedral.

Another Bridge dating to Roman days is the gateway to Córdoba.
A maze of narrow walkways (also local traffic) of the old town.
The massive courtyard has greeted visitors since the 8th Century.
The remains of the original minaret were used in the construction of the Bell Tower.
Originally built as a mosque in 788 A.D. The total square footage of the entire building today is 250,000 square feet.
Catholic chapels and elements were added from the 11th to 16th centuries.
The Madonna.



5 thoughts on “Travel: Córdoba, Spain”

  1. It appears that you are having a good time and seeing interesting places. I am happy that you are happy!! Xoxox

    1. Hi Ken, Hi Barb!

      Good to here from you. Love your blog. Makes us smile and some of the clips are a hoot.

      Yes it would be great to get together sometime and compare notes.

      Be well, much love,

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