Travel: Segovia, Spain

The Roman aqueduct is the big draw, but the town is right out of a time machine.
The commercial center is right off the area of the aqueduct.
The charming hilltop city is an easy day trip from Madrid by car, train or bus.

Our final day trip, Segovia, was also our favorite site to date.  It is a beautiful Medieval city dating to the Roman period.  It boasts an incredible aqueduct built in the early second century AD.

It is also a virtual who’s who of Iberian history.  It even has a storybook castle built on the top of a hill with a huge and deep moat. It is heavily fortified to ward off attacking foes.  It was occupied by many Royal families, some good and many not so good.

The massive gothic cathedral is in the center of town.
The castle was built to be defendable from all directions on the edge of town.
Jim checks out the moat high above the bottom of the castle.
Once inside the walls there were lots of opportunities to stop visitors before seeing the noble family.

The Palace portion of the castle was breathtaking and amazing.  The rooms were beautiful, the views incredible, the history ranges from dark to sinister.

The throne room. The ceiling is embellished with several pounds of gold.
The throne room of Ferdinand and Isabella where they last met with Christopher Columbus in 1505.
Time to say goodbye 👋 to Spain and Portugal. We fly back to London for our last week before returning home.

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  1. Absolutely breathtaking. We have not been there even though we visited much of Spain. Too bad you weren’t home a week or so earlier. We would have visited. We are on our way to Southern California as I write this to you. Enjoy London and safe travels.

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