Travel: Greenwich, London

It was a beautiful day today so we decided to spend the day outside.  It has been at least two decades since we last visited Greenwich.  It is in better shape than before.

SNOW is predicted for tomorrow and Sunday so indoor activities expected.  In the meantime here are a few images from today.

We arrived via the new DLR train via the reinvented Canary Wharf (and still growing).
The Old Royal Navel College.
Two domes of the Greenwich University complex.
The Royal Palace
The Royals were busy in the day…
The Queens House originally built in the 1600s was recently restored and is now a museum. It was built for Queen Anne of Denmark as an apology for a hunting faux pas.
Two columnades connect the “house” to other buildings.
The restored floors on the first level.
Numerous galleries are home to period paintings.
An exceptional painting of Queen Elizabeth I.
The house boosts an original three story spiral staircase with unsupported stairs.
No longer in use?! How to get this home??
John likes the Thames!

5 thoughts on “Travel: Greenwich, London”

  1. The telephone booth is quite colorful. Are those two pieces attached or is the figure leaning against it an independent sculture?

    It is cold, windy, with some some forcast in a few days. Why not come here for your “indoor” activities?? I miss you very much!

  2. is cold here, and windy with some SNOW forecast in a few days…………..IPads are remarkably creative, often in a negative way!

  3. Great post. I love Greenwich. Super photo of the stairway in the Queen’s House.

    Don’t get to cold tomorrow!

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