Movies: Itzhak, Chappaquiddick, Finding Your Feet


Every once in a while magic happens.  Director/Producer Alison Chernick’s documentary about the life story of Itzhak Perlman and his command of the violin is a joy to watch, listen and applaud.

There is also a hefty dose of love, laughter, commitment to family, friends and young musicians.  The film does not shy away from tough topics:  parents emigrating from Poland to Isreal, a lifetime struggle with polio and the disability challenges.  Instead Itzhak, his wife and family have embraced life’s adversity and filled their lives with laughter and their support for the arts.

This film is not rated.  It is listed as a Documentary and runs 1 hour, 22 minutes.  Seek this one out.  It will make you smile and brighten your day.



This film is based on the true events of July 18, 1969 when then Senator Ted Kennedy drove his car off a bridge one night on Chappaquiddick Island, Massachusetts.  A young campaign strategist was trapped in the car and died.

This movie captures the hours and days immediately after the incident.  The story is unsettling, provocative and intense.  The scandal has haunted political history ever since.

The cast includes several good performances by Kate Mara, Jason Clark, Ed Helms, Bruce Dern and a dozen more key actors.

It is rated PG-13 for thematic material, disturbing images, strong language and smoking.  It is listed as a Mystery & Suspense.  It runs 1 hour, 41 minutes.


Finding Your Feet

This is a charming, touching, funny story that has received mixed reviews.  We feel that is unduly harsh.  It has a good script and a skilled cast.  The story is more complex than it appears on the surface.  Its reflection on British culture is on target and credible.

The cast includes Imelda Staunton in a great role.  Timothy Spall is always excellent.  Celia Imrie, Joanna Lumley, David Hayman are all spot on characters.

While the story is focused on issues associated with late life, it does not shy away from serious senior topics.

It is rated PG-13 for suggestive material, drug use, and brief strong language.  It is listed as a comedy, drama, romance and runs 111 minutes.  We caution parents regarding viewing by young children.  Seek out this film if it is still in your area.


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