Movies: Love After Love, A Bag of Marbles, Where is Kyra?

Love After Love

Let us be clear right up front, the critics really liked this film!  We did not.

A family mourns the death of the patriarch.  The two sons, played by Chris O’Dowd and James Adomian struggle to cope and recover from their loss.  The wife/mother, played by Andie MacDowell, adapts faster which causes angst with her sons.

What bothered us most were the characters, with the exception of MacDowell’s role, who are not very likable people.  There was a mean spirited undercurrent that just annoyed us both.

This film is not rated but we do not feel it is suitable for children.  It is listed as a drama and runs a painful 91 minutes.


A Bag of Marbles

This movie is the first of this year that should attract an Oscar consideration in the Best Foreign Film category!

First, it’s the true story of two young Jewish brothers in German occupied France during World War II.  They are purposely separated from their family in order to survive.  The French cast is world class.  Patrick Bruel plays the Father.  Elsa Zylberstein plays the Mom.  Dorian Le Clech plays the younger son while Batyste Fleurial plays the big brother.  Another dozen actors round out the cast.

The story is gripping and heart wrenching.  It is a brilliantly constructed story with a fair amount of tension.

It also is not rated.  Again, we do not feel this is suitable for children.  The genre is listed as a Drama.  It runs 1 hour, 50 minutes.  French with English subtitles.  This film is an absolute gem.


Where is Kyra?

Forget “Where”!?  The real question is Who is Kyra?!  To be clear, Kyra is the lead character played by Michele Pfeiffer.  She is really the only reason to see the film.  Ms. Pfeiffer’s performance of a fragile character whose mother dies is stunning and desperate.  Kiefer Sutherland costars as the supportive love interest.

Overall the story is depressing, dark, desolate and painfully drawn out.  One critic said it was “paralyzed by a numbing bleakness.”  That said, most critics and audiences liked this movie much more than we did.

This is yet another movie release that is not rated!  It is listed as a Drama with a run time of 98 minutes.  We do not feel this film is suitable for youngsters.


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  1. A bag of Marbnles sounds very interesting. I hope it arrives at one of our at cinemas around here.

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