Movies: Lean on Pete, Beirut, You Were Never Really Here

Lean on Pete

Every once in a while an unexpected film release strikes a cord with audiences and magic happens.  This is one of those movies.

Great acting: Travis Fimmel is riveting as the Dad.  Steve Buscemi is exceptional as the horse owner.  Charlie Plumber may be destined for super stardom as the 15 year old son.  And another dozen or so actors fill out the cast.

Audiences and critics agree with high ratings.  “Traumatically beautiful drama”, and “moving and haunting” are two descriptions we fully agree with.

It is rated R for language and brief violence.  Unfortunately we do not feel it is appropriate for children.  (There is too much to explain.)  The genre is listed as a Drama.  It runs 2 hours, 2 minutes.

If you miss this in the theaters, seek it out from ‘pay per view’.  We’d love to hear your thoughts.



There has been a lot of negative chatter in recent years about the image the international film industry creates by using the Middle East as the “location” and “bad guys”.  Ironically, this movie was filmed in Morocco.

This film is set in 1982 during the Lebanon Civil War.  The CIA sends a former Diplomat to negotiate a prisoner release.

The story is occasionally confusing and often intense but the acting and sets are generally believable.  John Hamm plays the American operative.  Rosamund Pike plays a supporting CIA agent.  Dean Norris, Shea Whigham, Mark Pellegrino and Leila Bekhti round out the headliners.

The movie is rated R for language, some violence and a brief nude image.  It is listed as a Drama.  It is not suitable for children.  It runs 1 hour, 49 minutes.

We liked this film.  It was a reminder of a crazy time we remember all too well.  We think it is worth a watch.


You Were Never Really Here

We first heard about this film in London.  The early hour and heavy rain detoured us at the time.  Unfortunately we had no such deterrent today!

Both audiences and critics loved this film.  We did not!  From our perspective the movie was violent, more than a little unsettling, confusing and very intense.

None of the characters were likable.  Joaquin Phoenix plays Joe, the hit man or fix-it guy depending on your perspective.  Alessandro Nivola plays the Governor.  Ekaterina Samsonov plays the kidnapped daughter.  Judith Anna Roberts plays Joe’s Mom.  There are another half dozen actors with bit parts.

The genre is noted as a Drama/Mystery.  It is more of  a slasher horror story with lots of blood and really creepy violence.  It is rated R for strong violence, disturbing and grisly images, language, and brief nudity.  Children should not see this film.  Thankfully the run time is only 89 minutes.

Rating: A rare 

3 thoughts on “Movies: Lean on Pete, Beirut, You Were Never Really Here”

  1. Thank you for the great summaries. Good information – and so appreciate it as I won’t waste time on the films that are not worth time! ✨ Liz

  2. I can’t wait to see “You Were Never Really Here”! I laughed at your comment that unfortunately, there were no distractions to keep you from seeing it here!

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