Movies: 1945, Kodachrome, I Feel Pretty


This holocaust film adds to the list of dramas and documentaries on post WWII.  This one is set in a small village in Eastern Hungary when the deported Jewish father and son come to bury “something” in the town’s cemetery.  The villagers panic thinking the Jews have returned to claim missing properties and possessions.

The story is unique, powerful and absorbing.  The mostly Hungarian cast are authentic and believable.  It is filmed entirely in black and white by design.

It is not rated.  The genre is Drama.  It has won eight International Film Awards.  In our opinion it is a must see film if you are interested in WWII stories.  Run time is 91 minutes.  Hungarian with English subtitles.



This is a film about a struggling music executive, his aging famous photographer father and his caregiver nurse.  The father has cancer in his last days when they embark on a road trip from New York City to Kansas to develop his last rolls of Kodachrome film.

It might sound odd but the story will draw you in bit by bit.  It’s a real gem with excellent acting by Elizabeth Olsen as the nurse and Jason Sudeikis as the son.  Ed Harris is extraordinary as the father.

The movie is not rated.  There is brief nudity, strong language and significant tension.  We do not think it is suitable for children.  It is listed as a drama.  It runs 1 hour 45 minutes.  It is currently in theaters and is also available on Netflix.


I Feel Pretty

We are not huge comedy fans but decided to see this film because the concept seemed intriguing.  It’s about a insecure woman struggling with her self image until a bump on the head changes her perspective.

Amy Schumer is the headliner.  Busy Philipps and Aidy Bryant play her girlfriends.  Rory Scovel plays the boyfriend.  Michelle Williams transforms as the business owner while Lauren Hutton is awesome as the grandmother.

The film is rated PG-13 for sexual content, some partial nudity and language.  We do not recommend viewing by younger children.  It is listed as a Comedy.  We found it one part charming, occasionally funny but somewhat off putting.  That said, it does deliver a positive message about self esteem.  Run time was 1 hour, 50 minutes.


2 thoughts on “Movies: 1945, Kodachrome, I Feel Pretty”

  1. Thank you for the reviews! Dont think I could sit through an Amy Schumer film — but like the fact that it is good for self esteem. Very interested in Kodachrome and glad to have some idea of the plot.

  2. I loved ‘I feel pretty’ and saw it with my 15 year old granddaughter (who is going on 30!) As a conversation starter about self image and self esteem, it was amazing as was Lady Bird. She was not too young for either, but was more embarrassed about going with her grandmother and father!
    Love your reviews!

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